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Scientific journal "Transactions of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University"

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Olga Maslak



Olga Maslak was born in 1966, in 1990 graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk State University, specialty – «History», in 2000 graduated from Kremenchuk State Polytechnic Institute, specializing in “Management.

In 1999 she received a degree of Candidate of Sciences in Economics, and in 2001 set a position of Associated Professor; since 2007 – Head of Department of economics of Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University.

In 2010 Olga Maslak became a Corresponding Member of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine in the specialty «Urban and Regional Economy». In 2011 she defended her thesis to obtain scientific degree of Doctor of economic sciences, specialty 08.00.03 – Economy and management of a national economy, thesis: «Diversification Innovation Industry Development Ukraine (theory, methods and practice)» and set the position of Professor.

Since 2012 she has been an academician of the Academy of economic sciences of Ukraine, specialty «Urban and Regional Economy».

Olga Maslak from February 2013 is a Head of the specialized scientific council on thesis defense to obtain scientific degree of candidate of sciences, specialty 08.00.04 – Economics and management (by the type of economic activity).

She was one of the organizers of international scientific conference «Problems and prospects of the market economy» (Kremenchuk), visiting session of the scientific school of the problems of creativity and technology in lifelong learning in NAPS of Ukraine «The problem of multiculturalism in continuous professional education (Kyiv-Mariupol, 2010), a member of the “Open world» programme, within the frame of which she undertook an internship in the USA in 2010.

The main stages of research and teaching activities:
08.1992-02.1995 – assistant of Department of Economics and Production Management at Kremenchuk branch of Kharkiv Polytechnic University;
02.1995-11.1999 – Assoc. Prof. of Department of Economics at Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University;
11.1999-11.2000 – Acting Head of Department of Economics at Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University;
11.2000-04.2011 – Head of Department of Economics at Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University.

Since 04.2011 she has been taking up a position as a Professor at the same Department.

Areas of expertise: Diversification of innovative industrial development, economic security, technology transfer, sustainable development.

Maslak Olga is a sole author of two monographs, one of them is «Diversification of innovative development of industry in Ukraine», and a co-author of 11 collective monographs, 10 tutorials and textbooks, among them there are: «Economic evaluation of innovative capacity», «Innovation management: Master course», «Economics of an industrial enterprise», and others.