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Institute of electromechanics,energy saving and automatic control systems

  Founded in 1992, it provides training for Bachelors, Specialists and Masters qualifying degrees in the following branches of knowledge:

Automation and Automatic Control;
Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics.

Departments :
Electric Machines and Devices,
Systems of Automatic Control and Electric Drive,
Systems of Electricity Consumption and Power Management.

More than 1.5 thousand students. Forms of education: full-time, instruction by correspondence, external studies.

Fields of study

System Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technologies; Electromechanics.
Automatic Control and Automation Systems; Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive; Electromechanical Facilities of Power-Consuming Productions; Electric Machines and Devices; Electrotechnical Systems of Electric Consumption; Power Engineering Management.

Branches of specialists training

Design, assembly, adjustment and operation of electric power stations, substations and electric power equipment of industrial enterprises, distribution networks and power supply systems, design and assembly of modern electric power transmission systems, control of electric power systems regimes, their camputation, tests and optimization, technical diagnostics of power facilities, heating engineering, energy saving, norms of energy resources consumption, audit in energy field; modern power saving technologies, consumption account of all kinds of energy carriers, energy marketing fundamentals, power engineering economics, design of electric systems and complexes including vehicles, service, repair and maintenance of electric equipment, design of machine electric drives and electric drives automatic control systems, development of electromechanical and power-consuming system designs, adjustment testing, diagnostics and operation of power-consuming systems; improvement of existing and creation of new kinds and series of electric machines and devices; working out new searching methods and tests for electric machines and devices, their production and repair organizing; improvement of reliability and reduction in cost of electric machines and devices operation.



Pershotravneva Street, 20,
Kremenchk, Poltava region,
room.2302, 2303.

Dean's office - phone: 38 (5366) 25167.