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М. V. Zagirnyak, Yu. А. Branspiz, I. А. Shvedchikova. Magnetic separators. Design problems: Monogragh; Ed. by М. V. Zagirnyak. – К.: Tekhnika, 2011. – 224 p.

ISBN 978-966-575-194-6

Theoretical and practical aspects of improvement of magnetic separator design and computation methods are considered in the monograph. System analysis of the known magnetic designs is carried out with application of historical research and patent information retrieval results. New methodological instruments for solutions of the problems of magnetic separator search design are offered. Magnetic separators expanding variety systematics, as an information and innovation basis for their design, is developed. Magnetic separators new structural variants directed synthesis, using the homologous series law, is performed. A diversity of approaches, existing in engineering practice, to solution in magnetic separator computation problems is demonstrated. The monograph is intended for scientific, engineering and technical workers interested in development of magnetic separators; it can also be useful for students and post-graduates of corresponding specialties.