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V. N. Sidorenko, A. P. Chernyi, D. J. Rodkin, G. G. Osadchuk. Correction of electrical signals in electric power circuits of computerized monitoring systems: Monograph Kremenchuk: Scherbatykh O.V., 2011. 228 p.

The book is dedicated to the efficiency of the monitoring process. Signals in electric power circuit systems with DC and AC thyristor and transistor power converters are researched. The necessity and possibility of monitoring improvement systems by taking into account the characteristics of the voltage and current informative signal form during the diagnostics is based. Methods of parameters correction of power circuits are developed.

The book is intended for engineers and scientists in energy- and resource-saving, automation and operation of industrial motors, as well as for post-graduates and students of technical schools for such courses studying as "Development of metrological support of computerized control systems", "Modelling of electromechanical systems", "Energy-saving systems", etc.