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. B. Poyasok Pedagogical and psychological educational grounding of production sphere future experts: Monograph. Kremenchuk: Scherbatykh . V., 2011. 218 p.

The analyses of current trends in pedagogical and psychological training of specialists in non-pedagogical (e.g. production) areas in HEIs are considered in the monograph. The main selection criteria as for content, structure, and subject-matter of the training of future experts in production spheres are substantiated by the example of Economics and Enterprise training course and on the basis of theoretical and methodological ground of pedagogical and psychological training of specialists for production industry, scientific approaches to the learned disciplines content in the context of learner-oriented educational paradigm, current organization of pedagogical and psychological training in economical institutions both theoretical and practical. The organizational conditions of effective learning of pedagogical and psychological disciplines are educed. The monograph is intended for scientists, academic supervisors and teaching staff on the relevant disciplines, post-graduates, and master students.