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Glukhova V.I., Didur S.V., Yatsenko N.., Zagirnyak D.., Semko .V., Shapoval L.P., Laktionova L.., Milashenko .., Virbulevskaya .V., Laktionov Yu.G. Topical problems of economical development: theory and practice. Multi-authored book / Ed. by A.A. Kasich, N.M. Khomenko Kremenchuk: Kremenchuk city publishing house, 2012. 308 p.

ISBN 978-617-641-008-9

In the monograph the research results of group of national scientists in topical theoretical and practical problems of modern economy development.

The broad range of issues are considered in the monograph in the following directions:
- macroeconomic parameters of national economic development in up-to-date environment;
- social and economic difficulties of up-to-date enterprises and organizations development;
- ways to improve the accounting and analytical activity at national enterprises are grounded.

The book is intended for students, post-graduates, teachers and experts involved into the sustainable development of national economy.