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Glukhova V.I., Hovrak I.V. Economical formation of Ukraine in post-crisis period: risks and development problems / Ed. by Doc.Sc., Economics, Prof. .. Nepochatenko (Part 1) Uman: Publisher Sochinskii, 2012 416 p.

ISBN 978-966-2643-20-6

The monograph considers research results of current economical conditions of Ukraine and also social and economic components of its development. The theoretical and practical fundamentals of financial systems of Ukraine are discussed. The organizational and economic aspects of enterprise and branch economic development are studied, the urgent problems are defined and the ways to solve them are substantiated. The promising directions to improve the financial and account activity of economic entities during the post-crisis period and based on the research performed are outlined. Great attention is paid to the marketing organization at the enterprises.

The monograph is intended for students, post-graduates, teaching and academic staff, and also for experts in the field of economic development of Ukraine.