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Glukhova V.I., Hovrak I.V. Aspects of social and economic development of transitive economy. S 69 Ed. by Doc.Sc., Economics, Prof. .. Nepochatenko (Part 1) Uman: Publisher Sochinskii, 2011 288 p.

ISBN 978-966-1604-89-5

The research results of the current development problems in the transitive economic environment are presented in the monograph. The theoretical, methodical, and practical aspects of up-to-date economical development are discussed. Theoretical and practical fundamentals of the Ukrainian financial system are considered. The ways to improve the business entities funding due to the rational use of different sources of funds (bank loan, assurance, leasing, internal funds application improvement). UP-to-date aspects of economical development of enterprises and economic branches are investigated, the main problems are specified with the ways for their solving. The promising directions to improve the financial and account activity of economic entities in the market environment on the bases of the research performed are defined. Great attention is paid to the marketing organization at enterprises.

The monograph is intended for students, post-graduates, teaching and academic staff, and also for experts in the field of economic development of Ukraine.