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S.V. Sukach, Y.I. Shulga
S.V. Sukach, Y.I. Shulga. METHOD AND MEANS FOR CONTROL AND MANAGEMENT OF AMBIENT AIR QUALITY IN THE ROOMS: monograph - Kremenchug: Publisher PE Shcherbatykh O.V., 2013. - 192 p.

ISBN 978-617-639-026-8

The monograph is devoted to improvement of systems of control and management of ventilation, the study of the processes occurring in the room during the change parameters of the surrounding air. Considerable attention is paid to ventilation control systems and conducting research of microclimatic parameters using mathematical modeling.

Materials of monograph is recommended for specialists in the direction "Occupational safety and health" in solving problems with creation of means and measures aimed at the preservation of life, health and human efficiency in the workplace. Some sections may be useful in the preparation of engineering staff training in "Electromechanics", and also for research work of masters and PhD respective areas.