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M. V. Zagirnyak, D. G. Mamchur, A. P. Kalinov, A. V.Chumachova
Zagirnyak M. V., Mamchur D. G., Kalinov A. P., Chumachova A. V. Induction motors diagnostics based on the power consumption signal analysis: Monograph. Kremenchuck:Publisher PE Shcherbatykh O.V., 2013. 208 p.

ISBN 978-617-639-037-4

It was proposed to analyze the induction motors (IM) conditions basing on the analysis of power consumption signal under operating modes. The IM mathematical models in 3-phase coordinate system were elaborated. These models allow us to analyze the influence of most typical IM faults and damages on IM electromagnetic and energetic processes. On the basis of mathematical modeling, the diagnostic parameters, grounded on investigation of power consumption signal change while IM damages and faults appear and progress, were formulated. Grounding on the complex analysis of formulated diagnostic parameters, the logical expressions for diagnostic of most typical IM fault types and estimation of IM operability were developed. In order to increase the reliability of diagnostic, the method for elimination power supply parameters influence on the IM characteristics was developed. In general, this work is devoted to improvement of IM diagnostic and operability estimation methods basing on power consumption signal analysis. Monograph could be useful to electrotechnical experts, scientists, teachers, students.