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Valentyna Pidlisniuk, Mykhaylo Zagirnyak, Tetiana Stefanovska. Climate changes: shortly about the main // Edited by Valentyna Pidlisniuk. explanatory textbook, Kyiv-Kremenchuk, Scherbatykh O. V., 2010. 104 p.

ISBN 978-966-8931-72-7

Textbook contains short statements about main notions and terms about the climate changes and explains the reasons of the fact, shows evidences of the anthropogenic influence on climate, discusses the main threats for world regions and spheres of activity, especially water supply, peoples health, agriculture and also ecologic systems and littoral areas.

The connection between economic development and emission of greenhouse gases is discussed, means of decrease of influence and adoption activities are given, mechanisms of international management of the process of climate changes and the ways of their adoption are characterized, examples of decrease of carbon trace are given.

The edition is supposed for wide range of readers: students, workers of educational sphere, public officers, members of public organizations. It also may be interesting for people, non-indifferent for climate changes and environmental protection.