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Salenko O. F., Zagirnyak M. V., Fomovska O.V., Dotsenko V. G., Shchetynin V. T. The method and equipment of water jet laser processing: Monograph. - Kharkiv: Madrid, 2013. - 312 p.

ISBN 978-617-669-071-9

The paper presents basic information on water jet laser materials processing (known as Water Jet Guided Laser Processing). Presents design features of the existing equipment, shown wide perspectives of using this method in the practice of precision engineering, aviation and aerospace industries.

Some results of their research by the authors are shown. Analyzed different variants of the inputting the beam of the coherent source into the liquid jet of small diameter. It is established features of the distribution of radiation at the intersection of the jet and substantiated principles of equal distribution of power in the jet.

Designed a new annular nozzle of small diameter, estimated effects of the interaction of the jet beam flow with an obstacle and defined the conditions for the spread of destruction and the destruction of obstacles.

Considered a generalized task of local thermal heating of the surface of the treated body with high-thermal gradient stock in the form of a fluid flow and done a number of experimental studies of water jet laser processing on laser-jet complex of LSK-400-5, built in Ukraine. The results of the studies indicated the prospect of further work in this area.

A separate section is devoted to the basics of creating equipment for the implementation of water jet technology and, in particular, technology water jet laser cutting. It is shown perspectives of machines with mechanisms of parallel structure to expand the technological capabilities of the method and increase its efficiency.

This monograph is intended for scientific and technical personnel, engineering personnel, graduate students and masters working in this direction.