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M. V. Zagirnyak, A. M. Kravets, T. V. Korenkova
Reduction of dynamic loads in a pump complex by means of a controlled electric drive of the pipeline valves: monograph. Kharkov: Publisher Tochka, 2017. 200 p.

The conventional means of pump complexes hydraulic protection are considered. The analysis of dynamic loads occurring in a hydronetwork, when pipeline valves are controlled under emergency and operating conditions, is performed. The structure and functioning algorithms of an electromechanical system of dynamic loads reduction on the basis of a variable-frequency electric drive of pipeline valves with backup power supply are substantiated. The principles of creation of pipeline valves variable-frequency electric drive systems are further developed. These principles make it possible to optimize dynamic loads in the pipeline, to efficiently use the energy of liquid reverse flow at sudden disappearance of electricity supply of the pump complex.

The monograph can be useful to a wide range of engineering and technical personnel, higher education establishment students majoring in the field of Electric power industry, electrical engineering and electrical mechanics as well as for students trained according to Masters and Ph.D.s curricula of the relevant field of knowledge.