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M. V. Zagirnyak, . . Serdiuk, T. V. Korenkova, D. I. Rodkin
Control of cavitation processes in pump complex means regulated electric drive : monograph Kharkiv : Publisher Tochka, 2017. 156 p.

In monographs considered features of operation of pumping complex with the development of cavitation processes in the pipeline. Proposed a method for controlling cavitation processes in pumping complex means regulated electric drive. Developed simulation models of pumping complex with controlled drive and with channel cavitation in a pipe network. Substantiated structure and algorithms of regulation of Electromechanical systems energy recovery steam-gas mixture in the fluid flow. Received further development of principles of construction of automatic control system of electric drive of pumping complex with minimization of power losses from cavitation in a pipe network.

Can be useful to a wide range of engineering and technical personnel. Recommended for enrolled students in the direction Power industry, electrical engineering and electromechanics, and also for research work masters and PhD students to the proper direction.