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Protection of property rights in case of compulsory termination of property rights: monograph / V. L. Skrypnyk. - Kremenchuk: Publisher Shcherbatih OV, 2018. - 200 p.

The monograph briefly describes the notion of forced termination of the right to property as a public private institution of civil law, which defines the grounds, procedure and procedure for the seizure of property from the owner and a system of guarantees that protect the interests of the owner, depending on the grounds for the seizure of property. Proposed the doctrinal definition of the concept of the owner's interests in the forced termination of property rights as a separate object of civil protection, which refers to the property benefits that the owner loses, or can no longer acquire as a result of the forced termination of ownership, on a particular object , which of the public interest is subject to removal. Their nature, content and constituent elements are determined. It is proved that the specificity of civil law protection of property and non-property rights and interests of the owner lies in the application of such legal means or methods that provide both the elimination of obstacles to the exercise of property rights and the restoration of property, and the payment of fair compensation for the benefits that can not be updated.

The publication is intended for students, postgraduates, doctoral students, scientific and pedagogical staff of higher law schools, as well as practical workers, including private executives.