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Kvyatkovskaya L. ., Grishko, Maslak . I. Post-crisis formation of economics in Ukraine: development risks and challenges: Multi-authored monograph / Ed. by Doc.Sc. (Economics), Prof. . . Nepochatenko (Part 2) Uman: "Sochinskii", 2012. 416 p.

ISBN 978-966-2643-21-3

The research results of the current condition of economy of Ukraine are presented in the monograph, the social and economic constituents of Ukrainian development are reflected. Theoretical and practical principles of the financial system of Ukraine are considered. The organizational and economic aspects of development of enterprises and industries of economy are investigated, basic difficulties are revealed and the ways of their solutions are determined. On the basis of the studies carried out, the promising ways to improve the financial and accounting activity of entities in post-crisis period are described. The issue of marketing activity arrangement at enterprises is in a great focus.

The monograph is intended for students, post-graduates, teachers, researchers and specialists, who are involved in the economic development of Ukraine.