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Department of Biotechnology



1964 - was born in the USSR

1982–1987 - student, Kharkiv State University

1989–1992 - post-graduate student, Institute of Botany of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences

1994 - Cand.Sc., Biology

1998–2001 - doctoral student, Dnipropetrovsk National University

2001 - Director of The Regional Landscape Park «Kremenchuk Plavni»

2003 - Head of Science and Research Department

2010 - Doc.Sc., Biology

2012 - Professor of Ecology

Scientific and research activity
Candidate dissertation«The golden algae (Chrysophyta) of the Crimean Mountains and Ukrainian Carpathians»
Doctoral dissertation«Structural organization of the Middle Dnieper biogeocenoses and biohydrocenoses (restoration, protection and management)»
MonographMiddle Dnieper Region Ecological Network: current state and ways of its optimization
Featured paperNature protection and energy- and resource-saving technology of green-blue algae utilization in the Dnieper reservoirs
Featured paperComparative study of tap water and bottled water in the cities of Kremenchuk (Ukraine) and Banska Bystrica (Slovakia)
Featured paperComparative study of structural and functional organization of biogeocenoses and biohydrocenoses