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Participation KrNU in 16th International Conference and Exposition PEMC 2014 (Power Electronics and Motion Control)

From 21 to 24 of September, Rector of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradshyi National University, prof. Mykhaylo Zagirnyak and Associate Professor of Control Systems and Electric Drive department, Dmytro Mamchur participated in 16th International Conference and Exposition PEMC 2014 (Power Electronics and Motion Control), which were organized in Antalya, Turkey, by Gazi University. The history of the PEMC conference begins in 1970 in Budapest, Hungary, as a local scientific activity, which grew up to significant international biannual event, and is scheduled in IEEE list. The results of PEMC conference includes in IEEE Xplore databases.

Opening session. Conference history

Scientists from 52 countries took part in PEMC 2014. The high level of this event determined the same high level of accepted scientific works. According to the conference statistics, only 53% of all received papers were accepted for presentation at conference, namely, it is 253 papers, 218 of which were presented at oral and poster sessions.

Opening session. Paper review statistics

The conference work was organized for three days schedule. During this time it was held four plenary sessions, at which prominent world scientists in the area of power electronics, automation and control systems have presented their keynote speeches. Every day parallel seven oral sessions were working. During plenary and oral sessions breaks participants and guests of the conference had possibility to attend poster sessions presentations. Also it was held one industrial presentation by OPAL-RT Technologies representative.

Opening session

During sessions break

Conversations during the break

Both Kremenchuk scientists papers, namely, Estimation of Energy Conversion Processes in an Electromechanical Complex with the Use of Instantaneous Power Method (authors M.V. Zagirnyak, D.I. Rodkin and T.V. Korenkova) and A Comparison of Informative Value of Motor Current and Power Spectra for the Tasks of Induction Motor Diagnostics (autors M. Zagirnyak, D. Mamchur and A. Kalinov) were recommended for Oral Presentation, which is a clear evidence of a high interest of international electricians society to the scientific field of Ukrainian scientists.

Oral session

The oral presentation by Rector of KrNU, prof. Mykhaylo Zagirnyak

After each paper presentation all participants received Certificates of Participation, and all presented papers are going to be included in IEEE Xplore database.

Prof. Zagirnyak receives Certificate of Participation

Dmytro Mamchurs Certificate of Participation

KrNU representatives with the Chairman of Electrical Machines and Actuators session

During Closing Session the organizers of the following PEMC 2016 conference were presented, which is going to be held in Varna, Bulgaria.