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Economics and Management Department celebrates its 19th birthday
On October one of the most powerful faculty of our university, Economics and Management Dapartment , celebrates its 19th birthday . Its a traditional holiday for students and professors that predicts two ceremonial directions : scientific conference and entertaining program.

This year the student council faculty has put forward a proposal to organize Choirs Battle between faculty specialties in order to make students feel the spirit of healthy competition and initiate them into the preparation to the concert programs as. At once the management didnt approve this proposal, because to make a really performance one need to combine vocal and creative skills. Anyway it turned out that all the fears were in vain, cause in order to achieve your aim you have to move on.

It all started with the selection choirmasters. They were responsible for selecting a song , choosing the team members, gathering all to the rehearsal and overcoming a lot of different kinds of difficulties. The head of the financiers` team was Ilona Komisarenko , a girl from the group FC-12-1, who is the winner of many vocal competitions and whose nightingales singing always impressed the audience.

The team of economists was led by Andrii Soroka, from group of EP-12-1. Its not his first time when he has appeared on stage on all-university events and humbly accepted the offer of the student council faculty.

Among others leaders were Chekyna Iryna, who made a team of managers. Ira is a member of "Dominant" group and understood the full measure of responsibility. It was hard to compete with different girls teams for the first-course girls such as Shatravtsi Iryna (MC-14-1), who collected a team of marketers and Ananchenko Nastia (OA-14-1), who led the choir of accountants- auditors, but they did it.

The first results of all the teams were shown during the poster contest. Due to these results there were announced two winners: the prize for audience sympathy took the team of financiers and professors` sympathy prize went to the girls` ACCOUNTers IN BLACK! "

A pleasant surprise for the teachers faculty was flashmob that was organized by the students: near the 5th campus they formed a huge letters that showed the name of the faculty and after loud greetings all together the sang the Ukrainian anthem.

At last the exciting moment - the beginning of the concert. "We thought that the Faculty event couldnt collect all the Faculty in the assembly hall - says Voloshyna Oksana, the Deputy Dean of PMT - and therefore we wasn`t nervous much . But when every seat started gradually to fill we started filling scary, what if something goes wrong?! "

The ceremonial greetings were heard from all guests: the Vice Rector of our university Vladymyr Nykyforov and rector of Economics and Regional Studies University of Cheshske Budejovice City Mr. Liubomyr, which gave Pochtoviuk Andrii , the Dean of the Faculty the medal for contribution to the Czech Education"

After all this began the concert program. "Our students made a real show, we must say. It was multifaceted, great, presentable, talented! We are proud of our students, because they took the first places in the science, represented the faculty with dignity on the national and international competitions and contests, and showed themselves as imaginative and creative people "- said the Dean of the Faculty Pochtoviuk Andrii.

The first challenge in Choirs Battle received "The Tourists" and their assistant Karlyk Julia. Their performance with Vakarchuk `s song "Hug" was very romantic, gentle, sensitive and touching the soul.

The ACCOUNTers IN BLACK were like professionals on the stage and looked very stylish. For theirs performance they chose a vocally difficult song The green maple leaf. The Financier chose an energetic Ponomariov`s song Dont be shame and due to this received a great acclamation. The students were supported by the teachers of Finance and Credit Department Krot Liudmyla, Voloshyna Oksana and the Head of the Department Hlukhova Valentina.

When Managers came out on the stage with theirs song Pray everybody was touched deep in hearts and the voices of girls sounded like a melody that made the Ukrainian variant of the song more attractive.

The Marketing Team couldnt decide what song to choose. They argued, experimented and chose the song which is familiar to the economist`s soul called The Capital of Liapys Trubetskoi. These students showed the maximum of theirs team spirit and ability to club together, cause they managed to change the performance in last days.

Finally, the winners of the Battle Choirs became a team of Economists. They made a show with fireworks, flags and good mood. The song "For Ukraine" filled the audience with a spirit of patriotism. The performance of this team really corresponded to the slogan of this event " Unite!", cause not only students took part in show-making , but also theirs professors Gryshko Natalia , Bezruchko Olga and even the younger generation - Gryshko Bohdanchyk.

The most pleasant moment of this evening was accepting our graduates. Tarakanova Anastasia and Elena Ostapenko - 2011, Elena Vasilenko and Snitko Daria - 2014, Movchan Ilona - 2013. They were the jury of the Choirs Battle and determined the winners. A good present for the faculty day was the performances of special guests: Lyntvara Alexander - 2008, now a specialist in the field of energy that represented the song written by Elton John, Omelchenko Jura - member of the band Borysfen sang a song "Two Colors" and students from the KVN team "Rhythm " of CPG 7 .

We can not ignore the intrigue of the evening the Choir of professors who made a non-competition number. "We prepared the performance at the last minute. As it became clear, there was something wrong with the technique. However, impressions, warm welcome students who greeted us standing, the jury gave us only fives and people on the last row created beautiful lights of mobile phones. It was great! "- says one of the participants of the choir Irina Tkachenko.

Holiday`s gone but good memories remain for a long time!

The Management Faculty thanks the students for the holiday mood. We also thank the leaders of the teams: Andrii Soroka, Iloni Komisarenko , Iryna Chekiniy, Mari Pinchuk, Iryna Shatravka, Nastia Ananchenko. All teams showed the highest class! And also thank the student council. The work of the organizer is not easy, but they did it! Again and again our students proved that they are talented, creative and funny! We wish you to keep the spirit of brotherhood and healthy competition forever.

We wish you success and future achievements!