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On 4th-5th of November there were held the Ukrainian Informational Day of ERASMUS+ program

This event was organized by the National Erasmus + office in Ukraine in close cooperation with the EU Delegation in Ukraine, supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine as well as EU Executive Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture with the organizational support of the National University of Food Technologies.

At the beginning of event the representative of the EU in Ukraine MAYOR Juan Cabello - First Counsellor, the Head of Economic Co-operation, Social and Regional Development and the representative of the Ukrainian Minister of Education and Science Olga Kotova have warmly greeted the audience and also read the greetings of Ministry management.

Then during the program there were introduced such presentations:

1. Erasmus+ for higher education: a review of opportunities within the international dimension of the program and Major Erasmus + cooperation projects : the development of the potential of Higher Education" . The speaker of the presentation: Payvi HERNESNIIMI, National Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EASEA - Brussels );

2. "Academic Mobility - credit mobility (universities` collaboration on implementation of joint programs)" and "Major Erasmus +" Joint Masters Program "- universities` cooperation on the implementation of joint programs" . The Speaker of the presentation : Jan FIORITO, National Agency for Education, Audiovisual and Culture (EASEA - Brussels).

The next day there were given some consultations concerning of the Erasmus + program. The presentation "Opportunities for researchers and individual scholarships for studies within the directions of Marie-Curie Skladovskaya Program HORIZON 2020". The Speaker: Helen Smith, National Information Centre for Co-operation with the EU in the field of science and technology. Also the representatives of the Embassy of France Gilles MANETS and the Embassy of Poland Anna Kuzma have made theirs reports on studying opportunities through the foundations of their countries. During first two days of the All-Ukrainian Informational Erasmus + program all participants had the opportunities to ask questions concerning the given information. The Head of Scientific and Research Department , the Associate Professor Oleg Trotsko and the Head of International Relations Department Andrii Markevich participated in this event as members of our university.