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The Delegation of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University took part in the Program The Open World
This year the representative of KrNU were professors of the Automatic Control and Electric Systems Department - the Ph.D., doc., D. H. Mamchur and the Computer and Information Systems - the Ph.D., doc., O.H. Slavko and the Ph.D., assistant professor P.P. Kostenko .

The Program is funded by the USA Congress and is carried by the Leadership Center The Open World at the Library of the USA Congress, is administered by the American Council Organisation on international education: ACTR/ACCELS (American Councils).

The The Open World Program is aimed to improve the mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the USA by means of providing in various fields opportunities to the Ukrainian leaders to meet with theirs American colleagues and to exchange experience and ideas on education problems, local government as well as leadership. The The Open World Program is the only Program of legislative branch exchange of the USA authority which obtaining annual funding from the USA Congress.

This year the experience exchange were holding from the 5th till the 16th of November. On 5th- 6th of November the Ukrainian delegators conducted an amount of meetings in Washington City and listened to lectures of scientists from the New York and Georgetown Universities.

During the meeting with the representatives of senators Jeff Merkli and Piter DeFazio there were discussed the funding peculiarities of higher educational establishments, the organizations of entrance companies of higher educational establishments of the USA as well as the building of the educational process and the existing ways of students exchange between the educational establishments of Oregon and Poltava region.

The nest step of the Program was holding from the 7th till 16th of November in Roseburg, the Oregon State. The main program was held at the Umpqua College and at the University of Oregon State, where our colleagues held several meetings within the frameworks of experience exchange on such problems as building of the first courses and programs, providing mobility mechanisms of students and academic exchanges between the KrNU and the University of Oregon State, introduction of means of electronic education, providing of agitation work at the organization of entrance companies as well as the funding of the education process and scientific researches.

During the process of friendly negotiations there were discussed the opportunities of carrying out common students video-conferences, distant education for professors, performing the common educational developments, professors exchange for the purpose of raising theirs qualification as well as the participation of the educational establishments of the Program The Open World in the scientific and technical events of KrNU.

Previously the Delegation of the Umpqua College agreed to visit the KrNU on March-April in 2015.

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