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The First International Forum IT-Trends: big data, artificial intelligence, social media with students, scientists and representatives of IT business
On 21-22th of November 2014 in the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University (hereinafter KrNU) was held the first International Forum IT-Trends 2014". The purpose of the forum, except the familization with promising directions of IT market, R & D experts and exchange of information on the subject of the forum, is to determine trends that are of great practical importance for training qualified specialists in the field of information technology. Under the roof KrNU within the forum IT-Trends 2014" brought together researchers from different IT-companies from machine learning, artificial intelligence, DataScience and marketing in social networks, which have shown how it is possible to practice various intelligent technologies in the IT business for now and told about interesting ways for business development of students as IT professionals. The representatives on the forum were the IT-companies of Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kazan, Minsk and Kremenchuk. Such large-scale research activities with the establishment of IT business started to appear only recently and only in big cities - Kharkiv, Lviv, Kiev, and now appeared in Kremenchuk. The Department of information and control systems and the KrNU company Altexsoft has organized the event. The directions of the forum were: advanced information technology, major trends in the IT sphere specialists, the possibility of intelligent systems in modern business and e-commerce projects, big data analytics technology and artificial intelligence. During the forum there were held two conferences: "Innovation & Web (InWeb-2014) and "Automation and intellectualization of information and control systems (AIICS-2014). The program of the first day forum were IT-Trends-2014 (AcademicDay). On this day, there were the opening of a plenary session of the Forum leading by specialists from Minsk, Kharkov, Lvov, Kazan and Kremenchuk. There also were many performances of students and young scientists in sections. The best reports were awarded diplomas of the first, second and the third degree.

On the second day on IT-Event the representatives of IT-business (ABBYY, Altexsoft, Grammarly, ZZ Wolf, Promedia Consulting, IBDI: Big Data Industry, Softcube, told where and in what field of science they are investing, what they are waiting from the men of science and students whose qualifications they need. Also, employees of R & D IT-companies have shown many successful examples of tools and techniques of artificial intelligence, big data social media and other areas of their activities. The central area of the event was to present concrete examples of concepts and practices of large data now you can use in your projects, and most importantly, simple understandable popular scientific language. In short - west of IT people and IT people.

During the forum "It-Trends-2014" there was held the scientific-practical conference called "Innovations and Web" (InWEB-2014), the results of which published a collection of articles. The newspaper edition of "Herald of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University" gave us that opportunity. In addition, there were published in English the collection of abstracts.

Summing up all the information above, we can conclude that the forum IT-Trends - is one of the few events in Ukraine, which touch the most relevant topics today in the IT-industry, not only theoretical aspects of the implementation of intelligent technology and algorithms, but also practical scenarios of their use.

So we invite everyone to keep up with new measures on the department`s website "Information and Control System" (ICS) ( Our events are always on current topics that has are of practical orientation and necessarily include exchange of experience with the business.

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