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The Cooperation with higher engineering school of ICAM, Nantes, France.
The Cooperation between ICAM and KrNU started in 2012. It was the first time within the framework of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine "Study of students and internship of graduates as well as research and teaching staff at leading universities and research institutions abroad" when three master students of our University had a three-month training in ICAM (Nantes , France). Since then, every year, graduates and post-graduates of KrNU study and work on probation at the engineering school in Nantes.

What ICAM is? ICAM –is the Higher Engineering School, which trains only engineers-practicians of wide profile(masters). ICAM was founded in 1898 in Lille (France). The ICAM includes eight engineering schools: in France - Lille, Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon, Bath, Pointe-Noire, in Central Africa - Douala and in India - Chennai. The total number of students is about 3,000.

This year, the French part has invited a delegation of our university to make an official visit to higher engineering school ICAM (Nantes, France). Thus, from 14th to 18th of October within the cooperation agreement the delegation of KrNU was on a visit to the country, the purpose of which was to find ways to further coordination and cooperation between the ICAM and the KrNU.

The delegation consists of: the Head of International Public Relations Andrii Markevych and the Head of processes and equipment department for mechanical and physical-technical processing Alexandr Salenko. It should be noted that the graduates and postgraduate students of this department Dmitrii and Alexandr Bal, who is on probation in ICAM and try to intensify cooperation between the two institutions, greatly promoted to the planning and organization of the visit.

On the first day of the visit due to the invitation of the Mayor of Nantes, Mr. Johan Rolland, we attended the annual presentation of foreign researchers working in Nantes, where we had the opportunity to speak with foreign students, graduate students and scholars from around the world.

The next day there was an official meeting with Jean-Louis Bigotte, the director of ICAM-Nantes, and Jean-Philippe Pernet, the Head of international relations ICAM, Frederique Pasquier, the assistant professor of electrical automation, which is responsible for organizing the learning process in ICAM-Nantes and Genevieve Baines from the international department of ICAM-Nantes. The both sides showed the interest to cooperation and submitted a formal letter with congratulations from the the Rector of the University M. Zagirnyak.

Jean-Philippe Pernet introduced to our delegation with the system of functioning of the engineering school ICAM, in particular, the forms of studying, training steps of engineers, students ways of doing practical and working on probation.

During the stay in Nantes we visited almost all the departments and faculties of ICAM. We met many teachers and employees of the institution, visited the classroom and talked with students.

On the 15th of October, we made a visit to the unit of engineering school ICAM in Vanne. During this visit we were on the opening of course of specialists retraining, visited the laboratory and some department, met senior students working in small groups of 2 - 4 people on projects from industries and private customers.

It should be noted that all dissertations, courseworks and other works that ICAM students need to prepare, - are the real commercial orders from large and small companies or private customers. Since most of these works are confidential, we were able to study only the general subject of the work.

On the 16th of October the Head of International Public Relations A. Markevych made a presentation for students and faculty about our university and Kremenchuk. Professor A. Salenko read a very interesting and informative lecture for senior students called "Composites and their use in aircraft and rocket". After that lecture the interested students asked how they can visit our university and have n an internship on the specialty.

There was a very interesting visit to the company ACB - a global leader in metal for the aerospace industry. The ACB clients are companies that deal in spare parts for aircraft structures, engines, aircraft, helicopters, missiles, launchers for civilian, military and aerospace industries.

The Vice President of Sales and Marketing Pierre Boinot informed us about main activities of the DIA and made a very interesting tour in the production departments. During the visit with the management and employees of ICAM there was reached an agreement on cooperation in the field of training, exchange of students and teachers, particularly, within the frameworks of international Erasmus +. Since we have had a cooperation agreement only with ICAM-Nantes, we also signed the agreement with the central office in order to cooperate with any representation of ICAM. In the future we are ready to work on the development of double degree programs and reached an agreements on scientific cooperation, in particular, professor A. Salenko together with his colleague, the Head of the energy, mechanics and materials laboratory, dr. Eric Le Gal La Salle are ready to carry out joint research in the field of mechanics materials and physics of interaction of powerful energy sources with modern composites.

To know more about the university and cooperation, achieved during the visit in Nantes, the ICAM delegation is invited to Kremenchuk. We hope to see the French students and teachers in our university.

We are grateful for to Genevieve Baines and Frederick Pasquier, who always accompanied us, took care and prepared such a rich and interesting program.

Andrii Markevych

The Head of International Public Relations