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On January 21-st 2015 a regular conference took place topic of which was determining the areas of cooperation between Kremenchug City Council Executive Committee and Kremenchuk M. Ostrohradskyi Nation
At the beginning of the conference Andriy Melnyk CEO of communal enterprise Kremenchuk Invest pointed out that the government is counting on the fact that the subjects of the researches that will be done in accordance with government orders will be will be of use to the city community and will benefit our citys development. As a part of the conference several working groups were formed which consisted on the one side of the City Council Executive Committee officials and on the other side of the representatives from KrNU Institutes and Departments. Within two days these working groups should determine the most promising areas of cooperation between the University and the government. The first pro-rector of KrNU professor Volodymyr Nykyforov Sc. D. introduced all the present to the form of technical task on conducting a research work. Among those who also had spoken at the meeting were Head of Economy Mykola Zdoyma, Head of Transport and Energy Department Ruslan Ivashyn, Kremenchuk Invest communal enterprise Deputy CEO Pavlo Bedratskyi, Head of Ukrainian Study Department of KrNU Volodymyr Maslak, Head of the Instinute of Electromechanics, energy saving and automatic control systems Doctor of Engineering, professor Oleksiy Chornyi, Head of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Doctor of Engineering, docent Viktor Lashenko and many others.