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The smartest of KrNU
An autumn bowl of the student union committee on intellectual game "What? Where? When? "had passed. In the lobby of the fifth corps 15 teams from all departments and institutions gathered wishing to demonstrate their mental abilities and win. The aim of the game is the intellectual development of logical thinking, cognitive abilities and intelligence, knowledge base replenishment participants interesting and diverse information. In our university, such competitions take place twice a year. The essence of the game is that for a minute the teams have to answer the question. There were two rounds, which included 12 tasks. After a long competition results were announced. The first place team won entitled "Dembelya", the second - "Vuhonyayem Alcohol", the third - "Saranchata". Winners received promotional gifts from the organizers - sweets, letters and notebooks. The participants shared their emotions, and proud of the team awarded that could prove their superiority. We believe that such intellectual games is extremely useful and informative, they encourage young people to learn and be spiritually rich personality.