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KrNU has celebrated Valentine`s day
What can be the most beautiful thing in the world? Certainly it is love! At Valentine`s Day Student union committee organized the feast for everybody who is on love. On Friday, the 13-th of February in Kremenchuk National University of Michael Ostrogradskii a Love Mail worked all day. Every one could confess his love sending a valentine to his loved one to each corner of the university with the help of our Cupids. Love Mail was used not only be the students but also by professors of our university. There were many people wanting to confess love, so our Cupids had a lot of work. In spite of rather cold winter day, in the foyer was a warm atmosphere of love. Also for already 3 years Student registry office had been working in University and everybody could marry for one day. Besides, everybody was invited on a holiday charity disco to 5-th cabinet at 18.00, all the collected funds will be sent to support soldiers from the area of ATO. In addition, all participants, made a charitable contribution, were given useful gifts, which corresponded the subject of the holiday. During the celebration there were held a lot of interesting competitions, winners of which were awarded prizes. In these competitions participate almost every present, which had a lot of pleasure and the charge of positive. Particular gratitude deserve the narrators of this event and DJs who kept everyone in a tone and cheerful mood all the time. All comers were certainly pleased by the party. And those who didn’t manage to come will have to wait the next year and regret the lost opportunity to spend the evening gratefully.