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The 16-th of February February 16 students of law, humanities and social sciences department from KrNU of Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi brought some things to the headquarters of the NGO "Maidan" to help Ukrainian military, defending the homeland. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers now sweat and blood protect their motherland from the aggressive promotion of the enemy through the country. These men – are our only hope and Enduring pride. However, unfortunately, due to lack of funding forces and active operations of the enemies, soldiers often feel the lack of the basic necessities. Within the walls of our university a charity event "Let`s help the soldiers of ATO was held. Faculty FLH&SS gathered substantial assistance. Faculty FPHiSN gathered substantial assistance. The students, led by Vice Dean L.E Datsenko packed packages of products, essential things and medicines to send them to the defenders of our country. Let`s pray for unconquerable strength of our country - for our men, which protect our peace and tranquility, sometimes cost of their lives.