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The Academic Integrity as a fundamental basis of higher educational establishment creation
During the 15th -28th of February in 2015 the assistant professor of the Finance and Credit Department of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University Denis Zagirnyak has participated in the Academic Integrity program, organized by the United States Assembly in Ukraine supported by the US Government. The Ukrainian delegation which consisted of specialist from different places of Ukraine during a fortnight has visited the US State Department, the US Department of Education, George Washington University, University of Pittsburgh, Community College of Allegheny County, office of the Commissioner of Higher Education, Brigham Young University, Western Governors University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Northeastern University. This program gave a chance to know different variants of academic integrity creation at the leading higher educational establishments of the USA. Problems that appear at the higher educational establishments of the USA are similar to ours. Modern students both in the USA and Ukraine tend sometimes to fraud. An order of the coursework and tests, bachelor and magistracy works, participation of the third person in the exams and tests are problems that concern both Ukrainian and American professors.

American research shows that the tendency to fraud among students and schoolchildren is high and still rising. Professor Donald McCabe form the Rutgers University who founded the Academic Integrity Center determined that more than 75% of students tend to fraud at least once during their studying for bachelor degree. The Who is Who research, conducted among the senior pupils of the USA, turned to be the most disturbing. This research shows that about 80 % of students that have high degrees think that a little fraud is only a usual thing, but not a serious crime.

Due to the new technologies it becomes more easier for students to cheat. Educational Testing Service organization points out that, for example, one web-site that provides free coursework for students is attended by 80000 users a day. Unfortunately there is no sociological data concerning the tendency for cheating of the Ukrainian students and schoolchildren, but this problem is also very widespread in Ukraine.

Thats why we must not only create but also follow the culture of the academic integrity at the higher educational establishments. The International Center of the Academic Integrity of the USA considers that there are 5 fundamental values: honesty, trust, justice, responsibility and respect. Lots of students and professors follow the rules of the academic integrity, because they know that the real aim of teaching, studying and research can be achieved only there, where exist ethic standards. But the absence of the Academic Integrity program at the higher educational establishments dont allow to strengthen and to create a responsible behavior at the modern higher educational establishment.

A possibility of the university to attain its goals, create a modern autonomous higher educational establishment depends on the quality of the academic works of professors, students and collaborators. The Academic liberty can thrive only among scientists that consider the intellectual integrity with its rights and duties lies in the basis of its mission. Being honest in the work, words, ideas and actions a principle that must be followed by everybody.