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Psychologist day in Kremenchug Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University
On 22April 2015 department of psychology, pedagogy and philosophy celebrated professional holiday, Ukrainian Psychologist Day! Psychology is unique, amazing science that studies the complex phenomenon - the human soul! Today more than ever, our society needs skilled professional psychologists, who help to understand the relationships with relatives, to solve difficult life situations, to find the strength to survive the loss. This is what students - psychologists are taught in our university!

At the solemn evening to psychologists came the first pro-rector V.V. Nikiforov, who noted the professionalism of the teaching staff of the department, its research capabilities, wished new achievements and offered to celebrate professional holiday every year, even holding competitions for the best organization of events among departments of the university.

With welcoming speeches appeared head of the department, candidate of psychological sciences, associate professor Bilous Ruslana Mykolaivna, who recalled the history of the department, all the difficulties they were faced with, described the successes and achievements.

Very pleased students! What a great concert they prepared for their teachers! Especially we want to commend the second year students, PS-13-1 group, who became the organizers of this festival, and the scene "Teachers at sub - faculty meeting" has caused a lot of cheers, humor and psychological mood.

How much talents are among students of psychology! Viktor Petrov - first-year student sang a song "Old Photos", during which all participants were able to plunge into the world of memorable memories, the world of pictures that reflected student life, the emotions and feelings that feel our future psychologists.

First composition presented vocal-instrumental ensemble "Youth" - the third year students of a group PS-12-1. Also we would like to note speeches by Voloshyn Sergiy, Shkurapet Tetiana, Kushch Veronica, Demchenko Vladlena, Koval Sergiy, Nykyforenko Myroslava, Pluzhnyk Alla and many others who showed all their acting talent, energy and positive emotions.

With this holiday leading psychologists of Kremenchug, all those who always ready to share their professional experiences with our students came to congratulate their colleagues. They wished on department a lot of new achievements and on all students - remember their soul, take care of their mental health.

Our graduates that are working psychologists in various institutions of our city also didnt forget us. There were memories, wishes, flowers and smile.

At the end of evening was held rewarding the best students who distinguished themselves in education, in science, social work. There were flowers, photos and wishes to make The Psychologists day a tradition at the department and at the university!

Greeting for Psychologists from the group RA-14-2:

Dear psychologist today is your big day, your grand celebration that brings smiles and warms the hearts of people. You are like a ray of sunshine piercing our souls. Forget about all the troubles and sorrows, you`re a psychologist, and is capable of anything! For many years, you are like repairing our thoughts and find all the keys from them. Live long and pass on wisdom to future generations!

Appreciate your work as we appreciate you!