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Second stage of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline "Theoretical Mechanics"
On 15 – 17April at the University was held II round of Ukrainian Student Olympiad on discipline "Theoretical mechanics". The total number of participants was 49 people from 24 universities of Ukraine. The best "mechanics" was defined among students from classical universities and among technical. Each participant had to solve six tasks (by two of "Static", "Kinematics" and "Dynamics"). After checking works the judges noted good results of following students:

- Among classical universities - Kovalets S.I. (I place), Ternovskyi S.A, Marchenko O.O, Leontieva L.S, NikulinanA.M, Kozachok O.O, Machuga Y.O .;

- Among technical universities - Iokimas O.S (I place), Baryshpolets A.V., Damnati I.R, Bocharov O.O, Solomahin O.V, Maslii E.V, Malysheva S.E.

All winners got diplomas and valuable gifts.

In spare time students learned about the laboratories of the University and visited the best parts of our city.