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Spring Cup of KrNU

A game where is the winner, but is no losers!

This is how we can summarize last KVN (Club of the cheerful and sharp-witted) game in Kremenchug National University. The game, where was a lot of funny and unusual, that all the troubles and hardships of ordinary student life moved to the backstage.

On April 16 conference hall of building 5 opened its door to welcome Spring! To give a spring mood on stage KVN team "Favorites", "Rhythm", and the young team - "KBD", "Luky Strike", "Skittels" were invited, and also there was guests from Kharkiv "Sober people team "and Komsomolsks " Obi-Wan Kenobi "and " Rutherford ". Teams are wonderful, the audience is in anticipation, and the host is ready!

Good luck!...and lets go!

"Spring Cup", as a tradition, began with competition "Voicework", each team prepared a two-minute video, which they asound on the stage anyway they wanted! This time "Voicework" was a great success! Almost all "voiceworks" were about student life - exams, hostels, events; especially we would like to mention the work "Obi-Wan Kenobi" and "KBD"!

"Congratulations." Guys from Kharkiv Sober people team has opened the competition. Team game built on miniatures and each new situation intrigue everybody in the hall! It is very difficult to act first, but guys successfully coped with it and showed their "sober" look at different life situations! At the end of their speech they promised Kremenchuk an underground because they feed moles with energy drinks.

The second was Lucky Strike KrNU - the sports team of KVN! Their game starts from cheerleading team! What a great beginning! After this debut, girls firmly told that they are the most important in this team, but not everyone agreed with this statement - on stage apperared body-builder "Ramana"! The appearance of "muscle" guy amused the audience and expressive reading his own works, showed who real leader in this team is!

"Rutherford" from Komsomolsk! This is a debut in KrNU scientific humor! Young scientists conquered Kremenchug students not only with knowledge, but also with original text, literary humor! It is difficult to describe it what happens on stage by words, sometimes it seems that audience is a part of the experiment, and it is one big test! We would like to underline Andriy and Diana, who rightly got the victory in the Best Actor of the game nomination and received gifts from the KrNU student trade union!! Well done!

Skittels College 7 is already known to our students. If we compare guys performance with their last one, we can notice big progress! Skittels not only changed the form, but became more confident. "Online dating", "bathhouse" and miniature about keys pleased audience! If the team continue to progress, the success and victory will appear next year!

Komsomolsk, "Obi-Wan Kenobi," is known to our students too. They are permanent participants of our tournament during two seasons. This time the team has built their game without dancing, as guys explained - "It is demo team." Showing some fun miniatures Kenobi decided that they cant be without dancing and invited everyone who wants from the audience to help them dance on the stage. It was funny to watch a team in sync dancing, and helpers were so far from the proposed choreography! In general, Komsomolsk made amusing performance that fully applies for victory in this game!

On stage appeared KBD. It is KrNU team! "KBD" immediately warned viewers that they are not an ordinary women`s team and throughout the game they assure everyone! The team consists of hierarchy, two main girl as Tamara said, manage other "material" in the team! Fun musical pieces, singing, acrobatics elements - all these things made game more interesting! Overall KBD destroyed the stereotype of women KVN team, and for jury members appeared new one application to fight for the Spring Cup!

Favorites are on stage! Most titled cup team! Recognizable characters combined with new funny situations fully justified their team name - "Favorites"! The guys played so confidently that during their game call to jury members to evaluate their actions on stage! A funny situation - "Minibus driver" who visited passenger to show in the fridge how to close the door, very pleased the audience! Very strong performance!

Completed competition program lords of KrNU Autumn Cup of this year, "Rhythm" of College 7. They ginger the hall with funny song and go on - a huge number of miniatures and as a result very positive performance! Stuck in memory miniatures of the "Bounty", Swallowed cactus for a dare and "50 shades of gray." Excellent completion for Spring Cup competition program!

It was a great game, with its history and intrigue, with its leaders and favorites! In order to fully convey what was happening on stage, let us know the score.

KrNU Spring Cup winners became two KVN team "Obi-Wan Kenobi" and "KBD"! All teams were awarded with diplomas and sweet gifts from TM "Lucas."

Friends, it`s really worth watching KVN a "live"! What do these guys do - it`s true emotions, they are today`s youth, which we should be proud of, they are active and mobile, they are smiling and happy, and that is what really charges and gives hope that we live and move right ! Like KVN!