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The second stage of Ukrainian student research in "Transport technologies"
At the Transport technologies department Institute of Mechanics and Transport University held final Student Conference winners of the second stage of Ukrainian student research in "Transport technologies". The competition 105 students from 12 universities of Ukraine presented 67 works by such professional focus: industrial, passenger and freight transport, organization and traffic safety of vehicles, transport logistics, information systems and technologies on transport. Among the submitted works sectoral competition commission selected 16 best works. From these studies the authors were invited to the final conference on April 24-25, in which they reported their work to the branch committee and students from other universities.

The outcome of the conference industry committee has distributed awards - 5 students took the 1st place 7 students took 2nd place and 9 - the third place. It is pleasant to note that our university students were among the best. Diploma and degree received 5 th year student Dmitry Zaitsev, his classmates Pakhomov Julia and Plichko Alina got diploma of II degree, and Dmitry Tkachenko - Diploma of the third degree. Rector of KrNU, prof. M.V. Zagirnyak congratulated the winners and their supervisors with the victory in the second stage of Ukrainian contest of student papers and handed them awards.

Rector of KrNU, prof. M.V. Zagirnyak together with the winners of the final student conference.

Professor Zagirnyak M.V congratulates with getting second degree diploma student group UT-14-1 Pakhomova Julia.

Professor Zagirnyak M.V congratulates scientific advisers our winners - Professor M.M Moroz , associate professor and O.D Konovalenko.