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April 23, 2015 in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University held a scientific seminar "The Second World War in the context of Ukrainian history". At the scientific seminar was announced 25 scientific reports of leading scientists and students in history.

Objective scientific seminar - deepening knowledge of the issues and attracting researchers, graduate students and high school students to analyze the problems of the Second World War, their relationship with the areas of socio-economic, scientific-educational and cultural development of our country and ensuring its national security. Following the conference will be published scientific seminar "The Second World War in the context of Ukrainian history."

The total number of participants was 28 people from different cities and universities and scientific institutions in Ukraine, such as: Ukrainian State University of Chemical Engineering (SHEI USUCE), Dnipropetrovsk,Kremenchug museum, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University.

The guest of the event was Doctor of Biological Sciences, Prof., First vice-rector KrNU Nikiforov V.V. He congratulated the participants of the scientific seminar with the scientific activities, stressed the importance of preservation of historical memory of World War II and the role of Ukrainians in it. In the framework of the scientific seminar discussed a wide range of problems, give the opportunity to see the results of new research on the history of the Second World War in the context of Ukrainian history. At the plenary session were presented several scientific reports:

Soviet-German war memoirs Gregory Kostiuk (Krot V.O);

Military medical doctrine USSR during the Second World War: the experience Pirogov (Butko L.V);

The origin of professional humanitarian education in Kremenchug (Lushakova A.M);

The problem of falsification of history of the Second World War (Maslak V.I);

Fighting 1st Mechanized Corps in the battles for liberation. Kremenchug 27-30 September 1943 (Ivushkin V.E).

According to the results of the work of the scientific seminar to acknowledge the constructive, fruitful, and useful with regard to the exchange of the latest knowledge in the field of history.