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The XXII International Scientific Conference of Students and Young Scientists
According to the certificate UkrISTEI "About registration of the International Scientific Conference of students and young scientists 572 from 20.08.2014 on 16 - 17 April 2015 in Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University held XXII International scientific conference of students, and young scientists "Actual problems of society." The aim of the conference is to attract students to scientific research; exchange of experience and ideas among young scientists who represent different scientific schools; promotion of creative activity of young scientists; youth familiarization with the latest research results and innovative trends in science. Location and number of participants increases every year.

In year 2015 young scientists from Czech Republic, Belgium, Portugal, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, China, Canada, Germany and Sweden took part in the conference. For participation in the conference were announced 391 scientific reports, including 76 reports from 31 universities abroad and in Ukraine and representatives of the Small Academy of Sciences and Kremenchuk Medical College.

During the conference the leader of program committee, rector of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University Zagirnyak M.V. and Deputy Head of Kremenchuk Maletskyi V.O. addressed their speech to the students.

Audience was interested in plenary reports by prof. Morozov M.M."The relationship between society development and the level of transport services" and associate professor Soloshych I.O. "The organization of research work of students, postgraduates and young scientists in the formation of readiness for professional activities."

The winner of the second round of the All-Ukrainian student research in "Theory and Methods of Professional Education" which won first place three times in the competition, A. Sh. Hamarsheh told how she began her path in science.

On 16-17 April the conference held on sections: - Geometric modeling of technical processes. - Geotechnical Engineering. - Engineering Materials. - Computer networks and modern information technology. - Problems of new machines and technologies. - Transport. Road and building machines. - Innovative progressing techniques and advanced technological equipment. - Geodesy, land management and cadastre. - Ecological safety. - Marketing Management at the present stage of economic development. - Mechanisms of regulation of innovative processes in the region. - Problems of management in the transformation period of economic development. - Accounting, finance and money circulation. - Recent research in the field of law, humanities and social sciences. - Problems of Linguistics and Teaching of Foreign Languages. - Biotechnology and human health.

Based on the conference was published a collection of materials.

The work took place in the atmosphere of cooperation that allows us to hope for joint research among young scientists of our university and representatives of other universities.

Organizing Committee