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International professional conference «Psychology of Work and Organisation-2015: Quality of worklife», Charles University, Prague.
The thematics of problems of quality of professional activity that were discussed this year within the International professional conference «Psychology of Work and Organisation-2015: Quality of worklife» has a deep root of development in the history of psychology work in the direct and indirect meanings. From the view point of psychology work and organization, contests of its activity is wide and various, has contacts between subjects and disciplines, oriented on real request of professional activity and is very effective form the practical point of view. Organizers of the conference that was held on 20-22 of May 2015 in Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic, were Czech and Slovakia educational establishments among which the Department of Psychology of Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, Department of Psychology of Philosophical Faculty of Palacky University in Olomouc, Department of corporative economy of the economical and legal Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, Department of Management of the Management and Economy Faculty of the Tomas Bata in Zlin. The representative of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University on the conference was associate professor of Biotechnology and Human`s health Department, the candidate of Psychological Sciences O.S. Kushch.

The thematic of the conference occupied a wide spectrum of the questions that is seen from the thematic directions of the conference: «The quality of the worklife – attributes, displays and possibilities of optimization», «Psychological diagnosis prophylaxis and involvement in the context of the work activity», «New forms of work and work conditions – construction», «Carrier – directions, developments, changes, discharge, unemployment», «actual questions of the managements – leadership, types of management, management roles, skills of management and development of competence, skills development», «Harmony and disharmony at work, in the family», «Age and gender variety in organization», «Organisation and Culture – culture of organization and international aspects of work». During the plenary meetings and work in sections there were discussed various points of view on process organization of professional activity. Except the scientists in the professional dialect took part several invited enterprisers, personnel directors. Few words must be said about the Charles University, where the conference was held. This University has a serious historical status, is a main Czech University. The Charles University is the oldest University of the Central Europe and one of the oldest University of the world. It was found by the emperor Karl IV in 1348. Subjects are taught in Czech and English languages. Nowadays there are more than 53 thousands of students study at the University, among which 7 thousands of students are foreigners, especially from Slovakia, Greece, Great Britain.

The University cooperates with majority of higher educational establishments of America, Europe and Asia: 23 – in USA. 19 – in Germany and 11 – in France. The Charles University is a member of the Main European University Association along with Oxford, Sorbonne, Bologna and Geneve University and others. Professors of the leading Universities teach students in its Faculties. Nowadays in the Shanghai World Best University rating that compares annually more than 1000 of the best universities selected form more than 17 000 of universities all over the world, the Charles University takes place in 300 universities (in 2013), and among Czech higher establishments takes the first place. Besides in 2012 the University became a member of the World rating in the number of 200 best universities in the field of mathematics and physics. The Charles University systematically assist the cooperation between natural sciences and humanities, support the unique technologies, knowledge exchange between disciplines, the dialogue between generations that breaks the limits of individual disciplines. The 3 days conference «Psychology of Work and Organisation-2015: Quality of worklife” was held exactly in the context of this approach. In the first day of conference on 20th of May, there were held several interesting performances. The participants of the professional speech were professionals of high level who during the design and implementation of theirs intents demonstrate the combination of technical, economical and organizational corporative realities, watch for the standards of the working level, taking into consideration its direct conditions and wider circumstances within the organization and from view point of psychological and physical health.

Unblock of human`s potential – the topic of Yan Mulfait, who was the head of the regional subdivision Microsoft in the European countries. Near East and Africa Europe, Middle East and Africa - EMEA) and from now on the business-advisor. Mr Mulfait became the first manager from the East Europe that hold such a high position I one of the biggest corporation in the world. He also spoke in Harvard, Cambridge and other famous higher establishments. He gave interviews to CNN, CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Times, New York Times. Volodymyr Kebsa, professor of the agrarian University in Prague, Ph.D. spoke on Quality Life at Work and the Ph.D Eva Letovanchova from the Social and Economical faculty of the Komenskyi university Bratislava shared her study results on Psychologically healthy employer. The performances were interesting and included lots of practical materials. During the conference there was held a business meeting with its organizers: the head of the Psychology Department of the Philosophical Faculty of the Charles University in Prague, the P.h.D Ilona Gillernova and secretary of the conference, P.h.D Milan Rimesh.

The second day of the conference, the 21th of May was dedicated to the discussion in sections which thematic titles were: Social processes and phenomenon in the organization, questions of employment and safety at work, Modern questions on personnel management in organizations, work and carrier.

During the performances and discussion with participants there were discussed various approaches on solving the problems of getting pleasure from work and harmonic balance of work demands with demands of personal and family life of employers. Participants made acquainted theirs colleagues with main results of the applied research. The presence and participation in the discussion of the colleagues-trainees from big enterprises, theirs interpretations of corporative philosophy, view on the management procedures and some peculiarities in the management of the human resources in the organizations became an important stimulus in discussion on the conference. On the 3 day of the conference on 22 of May except the conversation with colleagues there was an interesting visit of the psychological diagnostic instruments and equipment laboratory. It has instruments that were designed during the times of experimental psychology in the end of XIX – beginning of the XX centuries. The real conception of how was the instrumental component Science about Soul changing, nowadays let students watch the procedures of measurement of particular psychical and psychophysiological processes. Students and master`s degree take part in laboratory work within the courses on psychodiagnostic and psychopshysiology as well as during the thesis and course work.

Result of participation is publication of materials, mentioned on the conference, in special collection of scientific articles that will be seen by the world in 2015 in Prague.

Thus, due to participation in the international professional conference «Psychology of Work and Organisation-2015: Quality of worklife» the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University became more prestigious by presenting its scientific achievements as well as relations with leading European scientists in the field of scientific discussions and in the form of friendly conversations. O.S. Kushch P.h.D, the associate professor of the biotechnology and Human`s Health Department