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Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University has celebrated its 95th anniversary.

October, 15 Kremenchug National University has celebrated 95 years from its origin. Following activities were dedicated to this event: the solemn meeting of the Academic Council, two international conferences Modern Higher Education: Realities, Problems and Prospects and Actual issues of sustainability management in modern society: problems and prospects, an exhibition of scientific achievements of university`s departments and a concert. Four foreign delegations of higher educational institutions from China, Czech Republic and Slovakia came to the celebration. Also the chairman of the Poltava regional council P. Vorona and first deputy mayor of Kremenchuk Vladimir Kalashnyk were present.

The event was attended by the First Vice-President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine V. Lugovyy, academician-secretary of physical and technical problems of energetics, member of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences O.V. Kyrylenko, managers of large industrial enterprises, members of the University Supervisory Board: chairman of the supervisory board of private JSC Kremenchug Wheel plant G.I. Lehotkin, chairman of administrative board of the JSC Poltava GOK, Poltava Regional Council member V.V. Lotous, president of the supervisory board of the private JSC Kryukov Wagon Building Plant V.I. Prukhodko, chairman of the supervisory board of AVM-Ampere V.M. Bugaychuk and other honorary guests.

Rector Mykhaylo Zagirnyak in his short report at the solemn meeting has reported that university researchers have found documents, which proved that the first higher education institution in Kremenchuk was founded in 1920. It were the Kremenchuk higher educational courses with the Ukrainian language of teaching. The legal status of these courses was equated to colleges, which were considered as higher education institutions. Later, in 1925 the courses were reorganized in Kremenchug Pedagogical College. In September 1930, by the decision of the Council of People`s Commissars of Ukraine the Kremenchuk Institute of social education was open on the same base. In 1934 this institute was reorganized in Kremenchug Teacher Training Institute, which in 1939 became Pedagogical. Thus, the first higher education institution in the Kremenchuk city existed there from September 1920 till June 1941. Unfortunately, the Second World War interrupted the development of higher education in the city. And only in 1960, higher education of the city is resumed by the creation of the general technical faculty of the Poltava Institute of Agricultural Construction Engineers.

Since then, the institution had been developing according to the needs of the city and region, opening up new directions of training, new specialties, changing the name, subordination and status. Main formation of a modern university has happened in 90th. In 1997 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a resolution to establish the independent Kremenchuk State Polytechnic Institute. In 2000 Kremenchuk State Polytechnic University was organized on the basis of Polytechnic Institute.

In 2007 the name of famous mathematician M.V. Ostrohradskii was given to it. Considering that the university provides training on a wide range of disciplines including humanities it was reorganized and became classical in 2009, and national - in 2010.

As rector emphasized, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University, which conducts training on a wide range of humanities, natural and technical disciplines, has every reason to count its history since 1920.

Guests greeted the university, handed their awards to best teachers and employees. First Vice President of the National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine V.I. Lugovyy presented to the Rector M.V. Zagirnyak the Diploma of NAPS of Ukraine for conscientious work, contribution to the training of highly qualified specialists and on the occasion of the 95th anniversary of the university.

By decision of the Academic Council Rector presented the the Diploma of KrNU Honorary Professor to Nikolai Khomenko - Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of the Management Department. Honorary Doctor of the university was awarded to Mr. Lubomir Pana rector of the College of European and Regional Studies in ČeskéBudějovice of the Czech Republic, Doctor of Political Sciences.

During the joint plenary meeting of two international conferences scientists heard the reports of the KrNU rector M.V. Zagirnyak and rector of the College of European and Regional Studies in České Budějovice of the Czech Republic, Doctor of Political Sciences, Lubomir Pana. At 2 p.m. conferences continued its work sessions.

At the evening a festive concert was held, during which art collectives of the University greeted participants and demonstrated their talents.