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The intellectual game "What? Where? When?"
The intellectual game "What? Where? When?" On November 5, our university held the intellectual game "What? Where? When?". The lobby of the 5-th corpse has gathered sixteen teams, who wanted to demonstrate their mental abilities and achieve victory. The special feature is that the teams competed against each other, answering the same questions. Only the members of the student union could take part in the competition, as the organizer of the competition was the student union committee.

Only the six-member team is allowed to participate. Only one minute is allocated for the discussion of the each question, and then, teams have to answer in a written form. The main index, which has determined the place of the team, is the number of the correct answers. After the long competition, the results were announced. The team, who got the first place is called Zvezdniye marketologi, the second place Tazy valyat bokom and the third place Geodelity. The winners received encouraging gifts from the organizers - certificates and sweets. These competitions are held twice a year in our university. We thank out student union for organization of the competition.