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Best academic group competition
Best academic group competition For the Students day, Kremenchug National University held a competition for the best academic group. At 5 p.m., candidates and their cheerleaders gathered in the assembly hall of the fifth corps to prove, that they are the best. The intelligence, charisma and creativity of students was rated by the first vicerector, professor V.V. Nikiforov, vice rector of the research, educational work and humanitarian education, professor V.V. Sergienko, head of the department of cultural works, docent T.M. Plaksiy, director and screenwriter of cultural department O.B. Litvinenko and the head of the student union of KrNU O.I. Suvorova. In advance, every faculty elected student team that competed for the title of best academic group. The honor to represent his department received groups: -14-1 of the Faculty of Natural Sciences, E-14-1 Faculty of Economics and Management, - 13-1, Faculty of Electronics and Computer Engineering and EM-14-1 Institute Electromechanics and Energy Saving Management Systems. The students had to prove their creativity in the four competitions in which they revealed their versatile potential. The first stage of the competition was "Visiting card of the group", in which participants had to do as a homework, and the second - a multimedia video project "One Day in the Life of the Group." The real challenge for the participants was the quiz "What? Where? When? ",where contestants answered questions about the life and history of the university. The final stage of the competition program was "Improvisation" - groups were offered to hastily make a poem about KrNU and speak with it to the jury and the audience. After the calculation of points, for the announcement of the result the representatives of the jury came on stage to give sweet gifts and certificates to all participants, and a special prize winners - tickets for KVN. Moreover, all the teams received a prize in the form of a one-time free access to bowling. A result of competition 1st place went to students of E-14-1; The 2nd place: -13-1; the 3rd place: EMX-14-1; And the 4th place: -14-1