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Four university teams and guests from Komsomolsk competed in the autumn KrNU KVN League Cup.
Four university teams and guests from Komsomolsk competed in the autumn KrNU KVN League Cup. Unforgettable emotions, reckless drive and excellent mood prevailed on November 26 in the assembly hall of the fifth corps - because what else can you expect from "Autumn Cup KVN KrNU"? Funny hosts - Kirill Wolny and Vitaly Kuvannikov - immediately charged the crowd and set up positive mood for a humor. To compete for the cup of laugh this year dared five teams: "Kapustnyak" which came on the scene for the first time, but rather confidently defended their dignity; "DS" - funny tandem that came to visit us from Komsomolsk; "Kto sverhy" - team of bright boys and girls, striking with their enthusiasm from the first minute; "Okraina", the team of boys with huge baggage of charisma and unexpected characters, and, of course, frenzied "KBD" ,the girlish KrNU team. Performances were evaluated by an invited jury for whom humor - not only art, but a way of life. To determine the best jokes and the level of skill of the teams had to organizer of the League of KVN KrNU Andriy Kovinko, actors of the team of KVN Kremenchuk "Lucas" participants "League of Laughter" Alexei Giedroyc and Sergey Utyanskomu, head of the student union organization KrNU Elena Suvorova, and the head of the open Kremenchuk League of KVN «TALANT "Dmitry Zubov. Also, the University Rector Mikhail Zagirnyak had visited the competition, welcomed the participants and wished teams success. The program of the competition consisted of two parts. In the first, "visiting card" offered participants present their capabilities and meet with the audience in the form of pre-prepared miniatures and jokes. The second part, "Warm up," looked like improvisation competitions in which jury asked questions, and teams had to come up with a funny and apt response as quickly as possible. Competition called "Greeting" remembered with incredibly funny scenes, where the teams focused on the quite life situations, sometimes subtly having a laugh on senseless absurdity of human behavior and their relationships. For example, viewers liked the team "Okraina" for their grandma in public transport and the typical troubles of various "dark" areas of the city. With vivid artistry and humor put their performance, "Kto sverhy" - Sergey Utyanskyy even noticed that they amused him the most. Not left unattended and furious, optimistic drive girls from "KBD" humor of whose went to the soul and was very close to one of the jury members. "Kapustnyak" and "DS" impressed the audience with their everyday and extremely familiar jokes of student life and the relationship between a boy and a girl. Test of improvisation turned unexpectedly difficult for many of the participants, but they still gathered strengh and adequately coped with tricky questions of their appraisers. The most successful responses could boast "Okraina" and "KBD," as they recieved the highest score for this competition. Aptly answered representative of one team the question "Why is the fifth corps is colder than a street?" - "Because here`s studying my ex," they also they earned points for two more questions. Another team, better than anyone has answered the question "What should a man do , so that the gild would come to arrest? ," replying "Doesn`t matter, I`ll come to anyone ", and then back again out of turn and began to dictate her phone number - waggish situation so the jury liked that they even took a part in the joke, as if they are noting number and specifying numbers. As you know, there are no losers in KVN , but some members nevertheless were able to stand out among the others. In the category "Best Actor" and "Best Actress" Vladlen from the team "Kapustnyak" and Lily from the team "Kto sverhy." were the winners. As a result of calculation, the gold cup of fall season KrNU received KVN team "Okraina", all contestants were awarded with diplomas and sweet prizes from event sponsor TM "Lukas".