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Trainings of teachers of Economics and Management Faculty in the Czech Republic
Within the framework of the existing cooperation agreement the professors of Economics and Management Faculty Kasych A.O, the Doctor of Economic Sciences, professor, the Head of the accounting, analysis and audit department and Khovrak I.V, the Candidate of Economics, docent, assistant professor of finance and credit department were trained at the Institute of Technology and business (c. Czeske Budejovice, Czech Republic). Professional training programs of the Institute of Technology and Business are formed in cooperation with regional entrepreneurs. Other priorities of the institute include applied researches, introduction of innovative technologies and solving the problems of the region which are current and crucial towards the regional needs.
Training of KrNU teachers in the Institute of Technology and Business lasted five weeks (from 22 February till 31 March 2016). Training took place at the Faculty of Business Strategy, which covers the activity of four departments: economics, management, tourism and marketing and foreign languages). During this time, teachers got acquainted with the usage and innovations introduction in the European education; European experience of the improving of the educational process. Also they attended the lectures of foreign colleagues for students enrolled in the program ERASMUS +.

In addition, teachers have developed and read the courses of lectures on the global economy and social responsibility in English for students of business strategy department.

The Institute of Technologies and Business students have the opportunity to use the library, which was modernized in 2012. Students can take to use or buy books and textbooks, use the services of two study halls, read newspapers and magazines.
Teachers took part in the international conference Sustainable Development VII - 30 Years after The Single European Act - The Four Freedoms of the EU (31 March 2016). The conference was directed at scientist, students, employees of government institutions, noncommercial organizations and entrepreneurs.

The aim of the conference:
1. Evaluation of the current situation, problems and tasks of the European Union.
2. Detection and analysis of the opportunities to improve living standards in the Czech Republic and other EU countries.
3. Evaluation of the current state of safety and security management.
4. Forecasting the scenarios of the future developments of the Czech Republic and other countries of the EU. Reports of KrNU teachers were presented in the section "Social and economic aspects of sustainable development of the European regions".

Besides training our colleagues had a rich cultural program. They visited the capital of the Czech Republic Prague, the castle Hluboka-nad-Vltavoyu, in the c. Český Krumlov, historical complex which in 1992 was included in the list of monuments of world cultural heritage of the UNESCO. The teachers also participated in the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the university.
As a result of training the prospects of cooperation with colleagues of the Institute of Technologies and Business were determined: joint publications, participation in scientific-practical conferences. The teachers are grateful to the Czech colleagues for communication in the form of scientific debates and friendly conversations, productive cooperation and warm welcome.