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The Delegation of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University took part in the Program The Open World
This year the representatives of KrNU were from 3 departments: Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Information and Control Systems Department S.S.Koval, Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Computer Systems and Networks Department A.V Kostenko and Ph.D., senior lecturer of the Electrical Machines and Apparatuses Department J.I Romashyhina.

The Program is funded by the USA Congress and is carried by the Leadership Center The Open World at the Library of the USA Congress, is administered by the American Council Organization on international education: ACTR/ACCELS (American Councils).
The The Open World Program is aimed to improve the mutual understanding and cooperation between Ukraine and the United States by enabling of providing in various fields opportunities to the Ukrainian leaders to meet with their American counterparts and to share experiences and ideas on education problems, local government and leadership. The Open World Program is the only Program of legislative branch exchange of the USA authority which obtaining annual funding from the USA Congress.
This year the experience exchanges were holding from the 21 September to 4 October. On 22th of September delegators from Ukraine held an amount of meetings with Senator from Oregon Jeff Merkley and his deputy for international activities and judicial system Andrian Snid in Washington.
The next meeting was held with Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio and his Assistants Megan Debates and Brittany Lundberg. The issues of the meeting were special aspects, difference and prospects for development of the USA and Ukrainian Educational Systems. The delegators of KrNU attended lectures devoted to the political system of the USA and the political situation in Ukraine. These lectures were held by Samuel Potolicchio and John Brownt.

The next part of the program was holding from 23th of September till 4th of October in Roseburg, Oregon at Umpqua (Umpqua Community College (UCC) with the support of the non-profit organization Zonta Club of Roseburg. In this part the delegators from Kremenchuk learnt about special aspects of the USA educational system, peculiarities of education in Community Collages, sources of funding and costs control forms. Also they learnt about development and approval of curricula, students and staff recruitment and collage infrastructure.

The visit to Oregon University (Eugene city) also took place. During this visit delegates participated in working meetings with the international relations director Abe Schafermeyer about the opportunity for Ukrainian students to study in Oregon university, winning grants and scholarship; with the dean of college of Business about perspective directions of study. Delegates also had an excursion to the campus of student council .

Host country in the Roseburg city organized for delegates a trip to Pacific coast.

During the process of friendly negotiations there were discussed the opportunities of carrying out common students video-conferences, distant education for professors, performing the common educational developments, professors exchange for the purpose of raising theirs qualification as well as the participation of the educational establishments of the Program The Open World in the scientific and technical events of KrNU.