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KrNU professors internship held in Kraków
Another project has been successfully completed. We are talking about organizing a series of teacher training of Ukrainian universities on the basis of the Polish educational institutions. one of the best private universities in Poland Krakow Academy named Andrzej Frycha Modrzewski, invited representatives of the faculty of law faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, headed by Professor, Doctor of pedagogical sciences Tamara Poyasok. The group consists of two doctors and four candidates.

First warm and constructive meeting was held in the Senate Hall of the Academy meetings.

Guests from Ukraine were welcomed by the Chancellor of the university Prof. Dr. Klemens Budzowski. As one of the founders and leaders of the university, Professor K. Budzowski had a detailed say about the Academy, the history of its creation, the university structure, innovations, achievements and perspectives, sincerely and openly answered the questions of Ukrainian colleagues.
Krakow Academy of Andrzej Frycha Modrzewski is quite a large school, where enrollment of approximately 11,000 students, has 23 specialties and 60 specializations.

As part of the internship, Ukrainian academics studied Polish and exchanged experience in organizing educational process, introduction of innovations in the learning process, activation of students in the classroom.
Guests visited the deans office, in the departments in the research library and other important departments of the university. All participants have created opportunities to exchange practical experience, and that will improve the quality of the educational process and the quality of students knowledge.
During the stay of representatives of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University in Kraków, director PU Kremenchuk Invest Andriy Melnyk has signed an agreement with the Chancellor of the Krakow Academy to organize training of scientific and pedagogical staff from Kremenchuk on the basis of the university. This will be an ongoing project.
Staying guests in Krakow ended the ceremony of awarding certificates.
Academy Chancellor Professor Klemens Budzowski was thankful to Ukrainian guests for active participation in the internship, and PU Kremenchuk Invest for the arrival of the organization, expressing hope for further cooperation with the Kremenchuk, Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University and PU Kremenchuk Invest.

After the presentation of certificates, guests awarded books for Polish Culture Center of Education and Science at Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostohradskyi National University.
The project was financed by the members of the project without the involvement of participants in the budget.