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Lecturer of the Faculty of Economics and Management`s internship in the Czech Republic
From November 6 to November 30, 2016 in the framework of existing cooperation agreement lecturer of the faculty of Economics and management K. A. Pryakhina, has participated in training activities of scientific research at the Institute of technology and business České Budějovice, Czech Republic.

Training took place at the Faculty of Business Strategy, on the base of the Department of Economics. During the internship, K. A. Pryakhina read lectures on the course "Business Economics" for students 1 and 2 courses of the Institute of business and technology and for a group of students from Erasmus KA1 (credit mobility). Separately she prepared and read an introductory lecture about macroeconomic indicators of Ukraine.

Additionally she attended lectures by Marshyk Martin, who worked directly with the teacher during training. She met Zdenek Tsahoya – dean and head of the Department of Economics Lucas Polanski, teachers of the department of foreign languages Andrey Artemov and Elena Tomashkova and Director of External Relations Lyudmila Opekarova.

In addition to professional internships, a representative of the Department of foreign languages Andrew Artemov organized a cultural excursion to the castle of Hluboká nad Vltavou. Also K. A. Pryakhina has visited Cesky Krumlov, a historical complex that include in the list of monuments of world cultural heritage of UNESCO.

According to the results of participation in the internship K. A. Pryakhina received the certificate of international internship.