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Lecturer of department of biotechnology and human health`s internship
From November 6 to December 20, 2016 in the framework of existing cooperation agreements lecturer of the faculty of Sciences O. S. Kushch, Ph. D., associate professor of department of biotechnology and human health, was trained and participated in the activities of research at the Institute of technology and business in Ceské Budějovice, Czech Republic.
Training took place on the base of the Faculty of Business Strategy, covering the activities of four departments: economics, management, marketing and tourism, and foreign languages too.
During this time, O. S. Kushch have attended lectures by foreign colleagues for students who enrolled in the program ERASMUS +, met with the Dean of the Faculty Zdenek Tsahoya, head of the department of foreign languages Ian Gregor, lecturers of foreign languages Andrey Artemov and Elena Tomashkova and Director of External Relations Lyudmila Opekarova.

During his stay at the Institute of technology and business O. S. Kushch spent testing of his private methods: psychodiagnostic methods "Axiom-cognitive assessment of thinking (ExCom)" and methodology of development productive thinking through play "Gaming technology of acquisition performance of thinking (Gaming TEMPS)". Both techniques have interested Czech colleagues and received positive reviews in the course of professional substantive discussions.
As a result of participation in activities of scientific research leaded by O. S. Kushch, several articles for specialized magazines of the Czech Republic and Spain have been prepared.
Apart from training a rich cultural program was waiting for our teatcher. During the internship, the castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, Cesky Krumlov, which was included in the list of monuments of world cultural heritage of UNESCO have been visited

Training provided an opportunity to become aquainted with practice of leading European school teachers concerning the conduct of experiments, researches, organization of work on the articles and projects.