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Eastern European Partnership Integration into Education community
To set higher education system of Ukraine up to correspondence with Magna Charta requirements is one of the priorities of Ukraine higher education policy and essential provision for integrating European Education community. Lately KSPU works efficiently in the field of international policy. Rector of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University (KSPU) became the first one in Poltava Region who signed Magna Charta Universitatum in Bologna Italy. Upon signing this important document and acting on the behalf of the University he acknowledged university joining the academic community that is striving to overcome political and social barriers and formulate principles of European integration into society and grant all citizens rights and freedoms.
Organization of international events evidences the use of Magna Charta fundamental principles. Thus last year three best young scientists from KSPU took part in X International PhD workshop held in Poland and made very successful presentation of their scientific reports. Recently (on the 20th-24th of February 2009) professor M. Zagirnyak and coordinator for international programs, Ecology Department professor V. Pidlisnyuk have paid a visit to Matej Bel University in Banská Bystrica. (Slovakia). The goal of this trip was to participate in the V International Educational Conference on sustainable development and also to attend meetings on promoting cooperation between universities.
Besides Ukrainian delegation the conference was attended by university lecturers, teachers, scientists and government officials from Slovak Republic, Check Republic, Poland and Italy. The conference was held under patronage of European Parliament Committee head for gender Policy Dr. Anna Zaborska, Deputy Minister for Slovakian Environment Prof. T. Kazmirskiy and Deputy Minister for Slovakian Education Prof. P.Plavchan.
The conference aimed at determining fundamental principles for introducing approaches in academic and school formal and non-formal education; discussing reforms which have to be effected in higher and secondary schools in order to gain profound knowledge in the field of ecology; working-out new courses dedicated to sustainable development; defining key figures and their responsibility in the fields of environmental protection and education, activities coordination, selection of main means when implementing education for sustainable development in the region; considering successful experience gained within the region and introducing ways of its use, strengthening international cooperation in the field of environmental education and education for sustainable development.
During the conference opening ceremony M. Zagirnyak has made a presentation Characteristics of contemporary state of university education in Ukraine and ways of its reforming, and V. Pidlisnyuk also gave her presentation titled University functioning in implementing education for sustainable development in Ukraine. Final meeting of the conference outlined strategic objectives for providing further education for sustainable development in the region; members of the meeting recorded progress of Czech Republic achieved in school centers for environmental education and suggested to submit a proposition within the European Union for distributing Czech experience in Slovakia and Ukraine.
The members of the conference stressed successful results of Ukraine gained with new courses implementation for sustainable development in universities.
In her final speech European Parliament Committee head for gender policy Dr. Anna Zaborska supported initiatives of the participants taken for strengthening cooperation in the region with implementation of sustainable approaches in higher and school education and insured support from European Parliament. During his visit rector M. Zagirnyak and coordinator for international programs V.Pidlisnyuk had a range of meetings with Matej Bel University management particularly with rector of the university, prof. Beata Kosová, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation and Public Relations doc. Ján Chorvát, PhD., dean of the Natural Sciences Faculty doc. Alfonz Gajdoš, vice-dean for International relations Roman Alberti, vice-dean for development and informatisation Marek Drimal, They wrote their wishes in the guest book of the university. Natural Sciences Faculty members and KSPU delegation discussed the possible directions of cooperation in the field of natural sciences. This project has got the title Eastern European partnership. The attendees of the meetings were dealing with the discussion of exchange programs for teachers and students, arrangement of joint summer practical training, joint lecturing, realization of joint researches, and participation in conferences organized by Partner University. As a result Natural Sciences Faculty of Matej Bel University (Slovakia) and Natural Sciences Faculty of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University (Ukraine) concluded an agreement on cooperation. Agreement came into force right after being signed; we hope that first Ukraine students will get the opportunity to visit Matej Bel University this summer and get their summer training there; and representatives from Slovak university will participate in scientific conferences scheduled for spring.
Conference was funded by European Parliament so Mr. Zagirnyak is hoping to get some extra opportunities to conclude agreements on mutual cooperation with other European universities and to get financial help from the European Parliament.
It is obvious he stresses that strict grant requirements have been set for universities. First of all one should already have an experience of fruitful cooperation that is appeared to be of use and beneficial for both partners. In this case we are dealing with ecology issues: environmental conditions research, influence of certain factors (particularly, energetic sector progress, pollution caused by mining operations). Thus our chief aim is to arrange and carry out events in partner educational institutions in order to attract students and teachers from other countries to participate in these events and demonstrate results of university activities. So this agreement will lay down the foundations for strong cooperation and perhaps help us win grant in the future.

Meeting with Matej Bel University Natural Sciences Faculty members (from the left to right): vice-dean for International Relations Dr. Alberte, lecture of the faculty Eva Yamkova, vice-dean for Dr. Marek Drimal, Prof. KSPU V.Pidlisnyuk, rector of KSPU M.Zagirnyak, dean of Natural Sciences Dr. Alfonz Gajdoš.

Matej Bel University and Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University are signing agreement on cooperation.

Meeting with Matej Bel University management (from the left to right): Vice-dean for development and informatisation Marek Drimal, rector of KSPU M.Zagirnyak, head for European Parliament Dr. Anna Zaborska, Prof. of KSPU V.Pidlisnyak, and dean for Natural Sciences Faculty Dr. Alfonz Gajdoš.

Rector of KSPU Prof. M. Zagirnyak is taking the floor at the conference opening.

Rector of Kremenchuk Mykhaylo Ostrogradskyi State Polytechnic University M.Zagirnyak and Rector of Matej Bel University Beata Kosová.