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Ukraine-France: Cultural Exchange
On October 9-10 in the Ukrainian Studies Department were lead remarkable events. Associate professor of the Department Sarancha Viktor with an exchange student from Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (ICAM, France) Côme Ferre held a round table on topic "Contemporary European Youth Culture", during which students of Ukrainian university had an opportunity to ask questions about education and the features of student life in Europe.

The freshmen asked about the study schedule of students, work employment after graduation, leisure activities for young people in France and the impressions of Côme Ferre about Kremenchuk and Ukraine in general. The topics of national cuisine, customs and traditions were not overlooked. During chatting it turned out that Côme Ferre was born in Singapore, but in the reason of his father`s work he was change his place of residence frequently, because of that he managed to visit many countries. Our guest from France is open to new impressions and he`s very sociable. After communicating with the students, he took their proposal to visit a concert organized by the university, and showed interest in the opportunity to join to the tours of Ukraine.

Associate Professor of the Ukrainian Studies Department Tur Oksana together with the third and fourth year students within the framework of discipline "Ethics and Psychology of Business Communication" not only organized the dialogue with the guest in English but also created an informal tea party atmosphere between the participants. During this event our students learned about Côme Ferrer`s future plans, his professional preferences. At the end of the event, the Head of the Ukrainian Studies Department Professor Maslak Volodymyr presented him a book of traditional Ukrainian recipes and thanked for a warm meeting.