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The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry (Germany) seeks candidates for Ph.D. student positions

The Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the University of Bonn/Germany

Research group of Prof. Dr. Johannes Beck

seeks candidates for

Ph.D. student positions
The positions are one year initial appointments with the possibility of contract extension of up to 4 years.
The group of Prof. Beck is engaged in solid state chemistry, in transition metal and main group chemistry, in crystallography and material science.
The topics of the Ph. D. thesis projects are:
a) Molecular solids made of paramagnetic ions (organic metals)
b) Coordination polymers of paramagnetic centres and multidentate linkers
c) Conductive metal oxide halides
Required qualifications are: certified studies of chemistry for at least 4 years, finished with a scientific thesis (master thesis), diploma or master degree above average with strong interest in synthetic inorganic or solid state chemistry, good background in common analytical and spectroscopic methods (basic knowledge of crystallography and X-ray diffraction is welcome), fluent English or German, good interpersonal communication skills, and interest to teach and work with students.
We offer very attractive research facilities with modern equipment.
The salary follows the german law for pubic institutions and is according to the standard rate 50% of TV-L E13. For details of salary see http://oeffentlicher-
Please submit your application, which should include curriculum vitae with your qualifications, undergraduate and graduate transcripts including a summary of the master thesis (5 pages), a letter of motivation, a photo, two letters of recommendation and (if available) a list of publications to
Prof. Dr. J. Beck
Institut für Anorganische Chemie
Gerhard-Domagk-Str. 1
D-53121 Bonn,
Phone: 0049-228-733114, e-mail:
homepage :
Applications by e-mail are also welcome.