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On February 5th, 2018, a Ukrainian-French science and education project was completed within the framework of the "Cooperation Agreement" between the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (ICAM University, France) and KrnU. The project envisaged a scientific internship on the basis of the Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, the 5th year student ICAM student Côme Ferre during the autumn semester of 2017/18.

The preparation of a graduate student according to the theme of his final work, "Development and research of the educational-research complex for study in photovoltaic systems", was carried out by the head of Department of Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management (head of scientific internship - associate professor of the department Gladyr A.I.) in cooperation with the company "Innovative energy technologies" (Kyiv).

For the implementation of the international project and construction in the laboratory of 2509 departments of the of Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management of a functioning solar power plant of up to 2 kW on the basis of the PIKO network inverter KOSTAL Solar Electric GmbH (Germany), a complex of modern thin-film photovoltaics was installed on the facade of the 2nd educational building of the KrNU modules with a total area of 10 sq.m.

The equipment, the total cost of which was about € 3000, was transferred to the university for free Innovative Energy Technologies LLC, which also provided free services for installation and start-up works for the commissioning of a solar power plant.

The works were carried out within the framework of the signed Agreement on scientific and technical cooperation between Innovative Energy Technologies LLC and KrnU from November 8th, 2017, which involves the specialists of the Department of Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management of research works on the study of the characteristics of the electric and photovoltaic equipment of the solar Power plants (SPP) with the purpose of determining the optimal modes of use of photovoltaic modules and ensuring the maximum possible generation of electrical energy into the network with consideration the observance of its quality in terms of higher harmonics of current. In addition, the introduction of SPP will allow partly offset the costs of an educational institution for consumed electricity.

The second stage of the implementation of the Agreement provides for cooperation between LLC Innovative Energy Technologies and experts of the Department of Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management and the Department of Automobile and Tractors regarding the installation of electric vehicle charging station on the territory of KrNU.

During the internship under the direction of associate professor Gladyr A.I., student Côme Ferre took an active part in the implementation of the educational-research complex in the educational process. It developed design documentation, elements of teaching and methodological support, and carried out research on the mathematical and physical models of the object.

The results of the work allowed the masters of specialty 141 - Power engineering, electrical engineering and electromechanics, who completed training at the department Systems of Power Consumption and Energy Management on educational programs "Energy Management" and "Electrical Electrical Systems" to conduct parallel studies in the performance of their certification work on related topics.

The experience of cooperation between KrNU and ICAM in the field of academic exchanges began in 2012 with the internship in France of our students under the guidance of French colleagues. In 2016, for the first time, an academic mobility program was implemented for an ICAM student: Antoine Chaveron undertook a scientific internship at the Department of Processes and Equipment for Mechanical and Physical-Technical Treatment under the direction of the Head of the Department, prof. O. F. Salenko.

Taking into account the positive results of mutual exchange, new agreements were reached on the training of French students based on our university in 2018.