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Round table meeting Ukraine-France: culture and art, education and science
On September 25 an interesting event took place at the Department of the Study of the History, Geography and Culture of Ukraine: a round table meeting Ukraine-France: culture and art, education and science. During this meeting our students had an opportunity to communicate with French students William Castel and Paul Oggero. The first-year students asked questions about education in Europe and the special features of the students life, employment and leisure of the youth in France. The guests shared their impression of Ukraine and Kremenchuk: they liked our hospitable city very much. They also mentioned our cuisine, customs and cultural traditions. The foreign students told us about the members of their families, asked our students about our dreams and plans for the future. They proved to be good interlocutors receptive to new ideas and communicative. After the talk with the Ukrainian students William Castel and Paul Oggero agreed to take part in the sports competition that is soon to be held at the Department, were interested in the possibility of making trips in Ukraine. Associate Professors of the Department V.I. Sarancha and O.M. Tur organized not only a dialog in English with the guests but also tea to create an informal atmosphere for the participants of the meeting. It was an interesting event encouraging inter-cultural communication and personal development.