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KrNU scientists visit to the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts in Nantes (Icam, France)
The delegation of Kremenchuk Mykhailo Ostrohradskyi National University, including Prof., D. Sc.O.F. Salenko and Director of the Center for International Activity Asc. Prof., Ph.D. A.I. Gladyr, visited the Catholic Institute of Arts and Crafts (Icam) in the city of Nantes (France) from 25 to 29 June, 2018 within the frame of the Agreement of Collaboration between the two universities.

During the scientists visit there were official meetings with Icam Vice-President for international development Mr. Olivier du Bourblanc, Icam Manager for the educational process and refresher training Ms. Frédérique Pasquier, Icam Manager for the material science research Mr. Hervé Le Sourne, Icam Head of the language center Ms. Geneviève Baines.

After the official part the French party invited the delegation of our university to participate in the work of the board for the attestation of the students of the College of Engineering and Technologies LOYOLA-ICAM, who arrived from the Indian city of Chennai and worked at the project of renewable power, using Icam facilities and equipment, during on a month.

In the morning of the second working day Prof. O. Salenko delivered a two-hour lecture Space technologies: certain aspects of the function-oriented approach, which interested the students greatly and was highly appreciated by the French scientists.

At the end of the second working day we were shown the facilities and equipment of the university and the results of the visit were discussed. We made an agreement with the Icam administration and workers as to the development of collaboration in the field of scientific research and the continuation of the practice of annual exchange of students, coordinated our mutual plan of the action as to the realization of the double diploma program and language training of Ukrainian students (to study at Icam the knowledge of the French language is required), a return visit of the French colleagues to our university was planned.

During the whole visit the Ukrainian delegation was provided with essential organizational support by Prof. O. Salenkos former student Oleksander Bal who is working at Icam at present.


Icam (official site is a higher engineering school and a supplier of business services for industry. It was founded in 1898 and functions in the following three lines:
- higher education;
- vocational technical education;
- business services.

The approach to the educational programs in Icam is supposed to be inspired by the life and activity of St. Ignatius of Loyola, the founder of the Jesuits movement in XVI century. This approach consists in teaching by means of the contact with real situations, in the constant analysis of the acquired experience and taking care of ones associates regardless of their social origin. The students attention is drawn to collective work, ethics and social responsibility, which is considered to be the key factor of professional and personal development.

KrNU and Icam have been cooperating since 2012. The students exchange has been organized during this period. In particular, every year since 2016 French students come to KrNUfor research training during one term. Three Icam students are going to train at KrNU in 2018/2019 academic year.